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Why Content Marketing?

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Customers want to work with companies they know, like and trust. The challenge? Establishing credibility in your business, building trust and getting prospects to “know” you…to feel that they understand how you work and that working with you would be beneficial to them.

And how do you accomplish this relationship-building? Content marketing.

Content marketing is using a combination of words, visuals, and the internet, to create a conversation about your business. As opposed to the “interruption” or  outbound method of conventional print, radio or television advertising, content marketing is inbound or “permission” marketing. The goal is to “attract” customers with relevant, valuable content. Publishing blog posts, newsletters, whitepapers and articles, on a consistent basis, demonstrates your industry expertise , builds trust and credibility in your business and will help fortify your status as a go-to expert in your field.

As companies of all sizes search for ways to attract business, they are using content marketing to create and solidify relationships. To be successful, a content marketing strategy means staying top of mind…having your message regularly showing up in your prospect’s inbox can help assure that when the need arises, you’re the first one they think of.

While a successful content marketing strategy can be time-intensive and require financial and personnel resources, it can pay off in increased recognition of your company’s expertise and, in turn, more business.


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