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Your Reputation Precedes You: Build Client Relationships

Image: Welcome Mat illustrating the benefits of using content marketing to accelerate client relationship-building.

Content marketing can accelerate the client relationship-building process.

The easiest client to “get” is the one you already have. Once a relationship has been established, securing new work from that client requires less time, energy and financial outlay than it does to establish a new relationship. Existing customers already know you, trust you and are comfortable working with you. Implementing a content marketing strategy can keep you top of mind with existing clients so that when they are ready to hire, your name is front and center.

But what about finding new clients? As any business owner knows, the sales funnel requires consistent feeding.

Traditionally, finding and securing new prospects — building a productive client relationship — could be a very long process. Business development meant sourcing potential clients by means of company research, networking, speaking engagements, cold calling, appointments, presentations, etc. To consider working with you, prospects needed to build trust in you and your company, see proof that you could provide a quality product or service, check references and meet you – maybe multiple times. From contact to contract could take months…even years.

Want to “speed up” the client relationship-building process?

Facilitating prospect interactions with you or your company using content marketing: blog posts, newsletters, bulletins, LinkedIn updates and email campaigns allows the reader/viewer to better understand, respect, trust and KNOW your company expertise and approach.

We all know how gratifying it is to meet someone for the first time and that person says, “I’ve heard great things about you.”  That’s what content marketing can do for you. 


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