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Image: Free trial offer of Newzful content marketing services

Do you want to promote your business using content marketing and social media? Is “feeding the content beast” too time-consuming? Newzful is for you.

“If you blog, send a newsletter or if your company has a Facebook page, this service is an awesome way to get content effortlessly.” — PB, LV Design

Try a FREE, no obligation subscription to Newzful!  Tell us what topics or industries are relevant to your business and customers and each week, Newzful will send you an email filled with “hand-picked” useful facts, stats, data and news that you can use as conversation starters, blog post ideas, email newsletter content or social media updates. Gets clients interested; makes you look good! 

Here are some recent  FREE 2-week Newzful subscription topics:


In return for the FREE service, we ask that your company agree to the following:

  1. Newzful credit in any email promotion (not necessary in social media posts)

  2. Provide a testimonial, LinkedIn recommendation, case study results, etc.

  3. Allow Newzful to use your company name/logo and endorsement in future promotion

We look forward to speaking with you. LIMITED TIME OFFER! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Newzful.

About Newzful:

Every week, Newzful provides useful “hand-picked” facts, stats, data and news pertinent to life and business for use in content marketing, social media and business communications. For more information about Newzful, including topics, industries, pricing, and how to subscribe, visit: or contact Newzful.


  1. Brandon Shamim December 10, 2013 Reply

    I am planning on starting a new influencer based blog and would like to collaborate with you on this. Let’s discuss during our phone conversation next week.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Author
      Team Newzful December 11, 2013 Reply

      Definitely! Looking forward to it.

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