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Show Me Something New! 9 Cool Innovation and Design Facts

Image: Head with gears, circuitry background to illustrate Newzful innovation and design facts


Just when you thought you’d seen it all…along comes a flying car, a folding bike helmet and a life-size Lady Gaga doll. All in the name of innovation and design. Ingenuity lives on in the souls of inventors, dreamers and concocters everywhere. Who da thunk it?


FREEWAY FLYER: Zee.Aero is working on a flying concept car that can take off and land vertically using small electric motors turning four-bladed propellers. One version of the vehicle is purportedly narrow enough to fit into a standard shopping center parking space. The Zee.Aero has wings mounted fore and aft, with the payload area mounted in between. (Source: Next Big Future) Take a look!


GOING GAGA: Lady Gaga, in collaboration with Japanese craftsmen and her record label is creating a life-size Lady Gaga doll. Dubbed “GAGADOLL,” the mannequins let you hear the singer’s latest number “Snippet” when you put your head to the doll’s chest. (Source: DesignTaxi) See Faux Lady Gaga!


THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Eden’s Paper is billed as a “100%  plantable wrapping paper,” and can be used to grow vegetables by simply placing the paper into some soil, adding water, and waiting for nature to do its thing. Eden’s Paper features five designs to choose from: Carrots, Tomato, Broccoli, Chili, and Onion – all of which come with the corresponding (organic) seeds embedded on the back of the wrapping paper. (Source: Gizmag) Click here!


FLY BUY: Amazon is eyeing product delivery by flying robot drones. A package will be taken from the warehouse floor to the front steps of the customer’s home. The idea is to have the drone deliver orders roughly 30 minutes after the customer hits the “buy” button on Amazon. (Source: Mashable) Watch this!


BOND, JAMES BOND: Garrison’s bulletproof (bullet-resistant is a more accurate description) suit contains several sheets of carbon nanotube fabric in its lining. These sheets are thinner and more flexible than Kevlar, while only having half the weight, and are so resistant to damage they have to be cut using a bandsaw. In early tests, Garrison’s bullet-resistant suit proved capable of stopping 9 mm and .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) handgun rounds, in addition to the stabbing attacks by the Garrison employees. (Source: Gizmag) Take a look!


MAKING HEAD LINES: Many cyclists complain about carrying around a bulky bike helmet; some neglect wearing them at all because of the inconvenience. The half-pound Morpher helmet can fold up into a block measuring 6.5 inches by 12.9 inches by 1.9 inches, compact enough to fit into a bag or briefcase. (Source: Bloomberg Business) Check it out!


TIN LIZZY: A recent survey said that just over 12% of men think that some beautiful cars can look better than women. The survey results also suggested that a beautiful car design is a big boost to a man’s self esteem. 74% of men claimed that good design makes them feel positive, and 60 % of men claimed driving a beautiful car makes them feel confident and empowered. Women were also asked how they ranked a good looking man in comparison with an attractive car. The survey revealed that one third (33%) of women actually rated images of beautiful car design higher than pictures of a handsome male. (Source: Recombu) Find out more!


DOG WASHER: Support dogs have been trained to help persons with disabilities dress and undress and load washing machines. Now, with “Woof to Wash” machines, once the dog closes the washing machine door with his or nose, a bark turns starts the laundry! (Source: DesignTaxi) Watch this!


GNOME HOME: Canadian company NOMAD Homes has produced a new concept micro-home that measures just 100 sq ft (9.2 sq m), ships as a flat-pack, can operate off-grid, and is said to be easy-to-build. The firm has turned to Indiegogo to raise funds for manufacturing. The micro-dwelling shoe-horns a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs sleeping area into its small physical footprint, and is offered in three versions, with included features depending on price. Base price: US$25,000. (Source: Gizmag) Check it out!


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