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12 Really Good Reasons to Engage in Content Marketing

12 Good Reasons to Engage in Content Marketing


If you’re in business, you’re in the business of marketing. Keeping your brand front and center and in the minds of potential customers requires consistent effort. You can network, advertise, call, mail, email, present, use social media and meet in person. But if you’re not engaged in content marketing, you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow your business.

Here are 12 reasons why your company should engage in content marketing:

#1  You’ve got to work for this one…keep reading!

#2  Strengthen Your Brand

Clarify your brand message: what you stand for, what you do, recount success stories, demonstrate expertise, share what the BENEFITS are of working with your company.

#3  Build Trust

Contacts get to know you, your personality, how you approach your business and solve problems. They feel comfortable working with you.

#4 Establish Credibility

Content marketing that is relevant to your customers and addresses their issues identifies you as the “go-to expert” in your field; a potential “trusted advisor.”

#5  Create…and Accelerate…Business Relationships

The interactivity inherent in content marketing and social media creates and shortens the time it takes to build a business relationship; its ongoing nature creates clients.

#6 Increase Search Engine Ranking

Get found! Search engines reward good content – copy, SEO, images or video and design – with higher rankings.

#7  Build Your Email List

Invaluable for other promotion, email lists are built from subscribers consuming your content.

#8  Identify & Target Your Ideal Client

Those who read your content are interested in what you have to say and hopefully, in what you have to sell. Those that sign up for your blog, follow you on social media sites and open your enewsletters are buying what you have to say.

#  9  Make Money!

Popular websites, blogs and newsletters can be monetized through advertisements on your site, in your enewsletter or by affiliate marketing.

#  10  Reach More Potential Clients

A meeting puts you in front of one or two people; a networking event provides a group; your speaking presentation introduces you to dozens but content marketing connects you with hundreds, even thousands of prospects.

#  11  Give, and You’ll Receive

By creating and publishing content, you are helping existing and potential customers and earning the right to ask…for the sale.

#  12  Stay Top of Mind

A marketing strategy that includes content marketing assures that you are consistently reaching out to your past, current and potential customers. A blog repurposed into an email newsletter means you’ll show up in their in-box…just when they’re in need of your service or product.


And What’s the #1 Reason to Engage in Content Marketing?

Because your content marketing is working …even when you’re not!  You could be in a meeting, home asleep, or on vacation…but your blog posts, website content, articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, ebooks and social media updates are being read, viewed, shared, and commented upon 24 hours a day.


Engaging in Content Marketing allows existing and potential clients to not only find you – but find out more about you. Even if you have been in business for years, a content marketing strategy may spur potential buyers that otherwise didn’t know you, to get in contact. That same content may provide a fresh reminder to those who do know you to get back in touch. Having content, like a new blog post or a newsletter, ready to publish and email, is a great way (or excuse!) to “touch” — or contact — your customers.


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