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Recipe for an Awesome Blog Post [Infographic]

Keeping top-of-mind with customers, providing updated content that search engines love and showcasing your company’s particular expertise and knowledge with helpful, relevant information…these results are what a business blog is all about. Here’s a checklist for the components…ingredients if you will…that you’ll need to cook up a successful post. Good enough to eat!

Recipe for An Awesome Blog Post [Infographic]





  1. Cassandra February 18, 2014 Reply

    Great infographic. Of all the content tips within the body copy, I would argue subheads and short sentences are keys to many of the other items mentioned (skimmability, structure, even keywords). An important point is made here on not just incorporation of visuals, but also the quality. You want your image to be relevant and authentic to match your content! Thanks for sharing!

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