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Content marketing is smart marketing. As a Newzful subscriber, you’ll receive a weekly email filled with compelling content: useful facts, stats and data and news your customers will find both interesting and inspiring. You can publish Newzful’s content in your emailed newsletters, bulletins, blog posts, social media updates and on your website. It’s “Newz You Can Use.”

Social media and email are most cost-effective in delivering below-average cost per lead.


Content marketers “spread the word,” build credibility and trust in their businesses, and interact with customers; they’re perceived as the “go-to” experts in their field. Content, delivered to your customer, sparks conversations about your products and services. But finding or creating that relevant content, week after week, can be time-consuming, expensive, and frankly, daunting.

Enter Newzful. Newzful does the fact-finding for you. Each week, Newzful mines hundreds of publications and the media for facts, stats, data and news that will make you look good…to your customers.

B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms.

(Social Media B2B)

Content marketing, or “inbound” marketing, “attracts” customers. In contrast, “outbound” marketing, like print ads or radio ads, cold-calling or telemarketing, pushes out the message in the hope that it will find a target. Content marketing allows businesses, like yours, to connect with customers and build relationships that build business.

You can easily undertake a content marketing strategy for your business, inspire trust and build your company credibility.  Newzful makes it easy…and cost-effective.