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Newzful subscribers select one or more “Industries,” or topic areas. Each week, you’ll receive an issue of Newzful that contains at least a dozen different facts, stats or data, relevant to the selected industry or topic (for example, Business, Non-Profit, Health & Fitness, Finance, etc).

Newzful’s Useful Facts can be reproduced on the subscriber’s website, email newsletter, social media updates, brochure or other promotional material. Any material reproduced on a marketing channel other than social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter) must be accompanied by the Newzful copyright notice that appears at the bottom of each weekly email.

The cost of a subscription is based on the number of industries subscribed to and the size of the email distribution list, with subscriptions as low as $149. per month. If you, or your client, needs content to connect with customers, please contact Newzful.

Am I going to be tied into a contract?

Not at all! We offer a range of payment options, but if you would like to cancel or do something different, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. You pay month-to-month and if you cancel, you will only be billed for the current period, and not again after that point.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! To sign up for a new account, enter your name, email, phone number, which industries you’re interested in and how many subscribers are on your email list. After you complete this form, a Newzful employee will contact you with pricing and examples of using our material.


How many newsletters will I receive?

Newzful provides you with 52 issues per year. Each week, we email our Newzful Newsletters to you. You have the right to private label the newsletters with your company’s contact information and logo. You must include the Newzful name, copyright, and “No reproduction without express permission” warning on all uses of Newzful material with the exception of social media updates.

Can I upgrade my account at a later date?

Business is booming? No problem! If you decide that your subscription user-base has grown, contact Newzful and let us know you’d like to upgrade your account to add an industry or additional subscriber list and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I cancel my agreement?

You pay month-to-month and if you cancel, you will only be billed for the current month, and not again after that point. You can renew your account at any time by contacting Newzful.

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